EYFS 2021 First Aid UpdateOur Blended First Aid Meets Full Guidance, click to find out more...

EYFS Framework Update - Blended First Aid Meets Full Guidance

We are delighted that the Department of Education continues to recognise Blended First Aid in the New EYFS Framework that comes into effect on the 1st September 2021 and you can be guaranteed that Tigerlily meets the full guidance.
Our Blended Full Paediatric Course covers all elements of the Emergency Paediatric Course during the trainer-led practical day and our eLearning module contains only the additional content required to gain the Full Paediatric First Aid Qualification.

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Equality and Diversity

Tigerlily Training is committed to the principles of Equality and Diversity. In practice this means ensuring that all our stakeholders (e.g. learners, trainers, staff, third parties) are treated with respect, equally, fairly and without prejudice.

Equality and opportunity for all form part of our core values and we are committed to raising the profile of Equality and Diversity and to being proactive in ensuring fairness to all. The Equality Act 2010 underpins this policy.

All learners, trainers and staff are required to follow and honour the principles of Tigerlily Training’s Equality and Diversity Policy and this policy sets out how we achieve and manage these principles.