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We continue to deliver face-to-face COVID-safe First Aid Training Courses at our 85 UK training centres and on-site at our client's premises. 

If you are looking for First Aid Training at our training centres, please click here to Book a Course Online or for training at your workplace; please Submit an Enquiry or call on 0300 3020 999

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Updated 16/04/2021


A reliable and experienced training company with a reputation for excellence

Tigerlily Training the Leading First Aid Training Company for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Businesses across the UK

About Tigerlily Training

First Aid Training Specialists

Established in 2004 Tigerlily Training has provided First Aid Training to over 364,000 learners across the UK. We have a UK wide network of 95 training centres which are popular for individuals requiring training, and we deliver courses for groups at our client's place of work.

Tigerlily Training was the first company to introduce blended learning to the first aid industry - we launched our new Paediatric eLearning in January 2020.

Not for Profit

As a not-for-profit company, we are able to provide the highest quality of training at the most competitive rates. We use our profits to invest in, improve and extended our training services and course portfolio.

Choice of Qualification

We embrace different learning styles and aim to provide all of our learners the best possible learning experience. We offer a range of approaches to First Aid Training with our Courses:

BLENDED: Combining interactive scenario-based classroom training with online training elements
RQF Qualifications:  Comprising interactive scenario-based classroom training with eLearning to meet national qualification standards

Why Choose Tigerlily Training?

  • Enjoyable and memorable training techniques that optimise learner recall and confidence
  • Qualified, experienced and dynamic trainers
  • Consistently receive 5-star review ratings from verified learners
  • A not-for-profit organisation offering high quality, low-cost training
  • Choice
  • State of the art eLearning option 
  • Annual Online Refresher Courses
  • UK wide Training Centres and On-Site Training
  • Courses meet all HSE and Ofsted guidance
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Fully accredited first aid training
  • Online course resources

Benefits of Blended Training with E-Learning

  • One day in the training room
  • Clients benefit because their staff are away from work for less time
  • eLearning study can be completed in the learner’s own time 
  • Our eLearning requires the learner to pro-actively seek information and continually answer mini-quizzes – this ensures the learner understands and retains potentially life-saving information
  • eLearning helps to maximise learner recall and deal more effectively with emergency situations
  • eLearning contains a mixture of interactive elements e.g. videos, animations, pictures, quizzes, click-and-reveal images – this provides variety
  • 98% of our client choose and recommend blended learning
  • eLearning guarantees 100% consistency in the information provided 
  • Our eLearning assessment permits learners to revisit incorrect answers, re-read the information and go on to successfully complete the assessment and training
  • Learners that misunderstand an issue can revisit any section of interest at any time
  • Slow or fast learners are not impeded by other learners and can study at their own pace
  • Blended training separates the practical face-to-face life-saving exercises from the majority of the theoretical topics – this provides focus and clarification